A Project Was Born… Finally.

It’s been a couple of years umm’ing and ahh’ing and maybe’ing, but it’s time to start this project once and for all. So here we go. The opening entry. Sure. Ok.

One late night eBay purchase (that’s how I do most of my shopping if I’m honest) resulted in a box full of ageing science fiction paperbacks being sent to my home. As I looked into the box, an idea struck and so this blog was born! …Of course, this idea occurred quite some time ago when I wasn’t ready to commit and (being the hoarder that I am) the books remained in their box unread. For some time. Until now.

As I have wanted somewhere more open that I can share my writing, rather than the many (too many) private journals I’ve currently been keeping, I have decided it’s time to read all those books. One by one. And write about them. Discover more about them. And let you read about them too. This isn’t really a review blog (no star ratings here, bud!) but more an exploration into these wonderfully mixed titles – to uncover the story within those sometimes pulpy and lurid covers. To simplify, here’s a handy-dandy short rundown of what this project entails:

  • Firstly, to read and enjoy the book for what it is. Enjoyment of reading is the main impetus here, friend, not reviews. Though, opinions might have to be given – y’know if I really have to… You know how some books are.
  • Thematically, where does this book fit? What does the story even entail? What’s going on in the cover art? Where does it place in the genre (sub-genres abound!)? All the little bits and pieces you can’t help but think about.
  • The history of the genre, its publication, and author. Let’s really locate this book. A little research goes a long way! Occasionally, this might get quite deep or may help to fuel later articles built on a specific theme. Hey, that’s an idea… (Note: This might not apply to all the books I examine, as it may depend on the article’s focus, but certainly will be explored for some of the less familiar names! Promise.)
  • I will also check the availability of some of the older and less common finds. If you like the sound of a book I write about, then I encourage you to seek it out too! Share the love!
  • Is there a movie? You never know…

These posts are tentatively going to be named ‘Let Me Remember It For You Wholesale.’ That joke is for my benefit, yes.

And when I get through all those titles? I’ll get more. Try and stop me.

But that’s not all! Though the above idea is the primary project at the moment, I will also be writing about a number of other things: examining more genres I love such as horror and crime fiction; nonfiction and guides; comic books and graphic novels; monthly challenges; and updates on my own writing projects will all feature in this blog at some point. Each foray will be clearly titled, so you can find what you’re after if you’re looking for specifics.

I am by no means an expert in this field. I have studied literature for a damn long time, yes. It’s my passion and it’s what keeps me up at night and helps me sleep, yadda yadda. But I have a lot to learn. And that’s fun! I’m an eager learner. I have so many notebooks to fill! Finding new books, collecting them, and worrying about how I can possibly co-exist with so many in such a small space are all things that keep me functioning. So I am going to learn. Learn as much as I can. Research as much as I can. And enjoy books of all kinds as much as I can. And I hope you enjoy reading about it.

So stay tuned!

PS: Recommendations? Um, always!

Image: credit @ Lyshastra


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