The Big Read: ‘House of Leaves’ (Part One)

“Largeness has always been a condition of the weird and unsafe; it is over-whelming, too much or too big. […] [the uncanny] is neither homey nor protective, nor comforting, nor familiar. It is alien, exposed, and unsettling, or in other words, the perfect description of the house on Ash Tree Lane.” [28] “an unremarkable door… Continue reading The Big Read: ‘House of Leaves’ (Part One)

Best Reads of 2016

Over the course of 2016, I managed to read a total of twenty-eight books, both non-fiction and fiction. Yep. So close to thirty. So very close. That’s 2017’s goal sorted then. That can go on the New Years Resolutions. And so, for the first post of 2017, I’m going to list four books I particularly enjoyed reading;… Continue reading Best Reads of 2016

I Can Remember It For You Wholesale: ‘Unwise Child’ (1962)

“‘Snookums […] is a self-activating, problem-seeking computer with input and output sensory and action mechanisms analogous to those of a human being. […] He is as close to being a living creature as anything Man has yet devised.’” [63] PUBLISHING: Unwise Child, Randall Garrett (192pgs); Mayflower Books, USA, UK, 1962. THE PLOT: Michael Raphael Gabriel… Continue reading I Can Remember It For You Wholesale: ‘Unwise Child’ (1962)

‘Tis the Season: Halloween Spook ‘Em Up Roundup!

(Thanks for the title, Lauren…) It’s nearing the end of October. Pumpkins are in bloom. The days are short. The nights are long. The weather is…mostly cold? And it’s prime time for some creepy reads… In this special post, I’m listing a number of favourite novels and comic series which are particularly memorable for their… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season: Halloween Spook ‘Em Up Roundup!