What’s This?

Hello! This is Superkick Writes, a blog ran by one lone reader who is trying to keep writing analytically on her days off. On a month-to-month basis, I’ll try to update with new reviews, be it modern books I’m reading or forays into older forgotten genre fiction! It’s a work in progress!

I Can Remember It For You Wholesale: What I initially set up the blog for! Each specific review of this type involves me analysing a specific work of genre fiction, often quite old and sometimes forgotten, where I will look not only at the narrative, but at the author, publication history, and if you can still get your hands on a copy! This started due to me receiving a box of very unusual SF books, many of which I was unfamiliar with, and I’m still making my way through it!

Recent Reads: Reviews of my more recent reads, rated out of 5 stars. Nice and simple. Original flavour. Often these are from Kindle, library, or new releases. Also hard-to-place fiction will end up here too.

True Crime: This category is set up purely for true crime works I read, keeping them separate from other nonfiction or the largely fictitious reads on here.

The Big Read: One novel looked at extensively, usually over a long period of time. Very slowly done, I will admit…

Hardback Heaven: Some reads which are either fiction or nonfiction, usually the latter, which are beautifully bound, and often heavily illustrated. These often include books on astrology, photography, artwork, and the like.

I do random thought pieces occasionally on particular works of fiction, and film and TV reviews are still under construction. Watch this space!

—– Try all different kinds of books. Read all sorts of things. Grab a book without knowing anything. Grab a book after extensive research. Enjoy a book. Question what you liked or didn’t like. Find old books and bring them back from purgatory. —–